Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the baseball players in your life. Finding the perfect present for the baseball fanatic can be tricky, but with some thought, you’re sure to pick out something they’ll absolutely love. From practical equipment to creative memorabilia, here are over 45 gift ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

Essential Gear and Apparel

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Every baseball player needs quality equipment and apparel. Consider these gift ideas to help them play their best:

New Baseball Gloves

A high-quality glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a baseball player. Go for a trusted brand like Wilson or Rawlings and make sure to get the right size and position glove for their needs. Break the glove in properly so it’s game-ready as soon as they open it.

Baseball Glove

Cleats for the Diamond

Help them get better traction with new cleats designed for baseball. Metal or molded cleats are ideal for play on dirt and grass. Make sure the size is right for a comfortable fit.

Moisture-wicking Socks

Socks might seem like a boring gift, but good moisture-wicking socks can help prevent blisters and keep their feet comfortable out on the field. Pick performance fabrics like DryMax or wool.

Custom Baseball Pants

Get baseball pants in their team colors and add a custom name or number down the side. Having their own baseball uniform pants will make them feel like a big leaguer.

Baseball Belts and Sliding Shorts

A baseball belt keeps shirts neatly tucked in and sliding shorts add padding to prevent raspberry burns from dives and slides. Protect their skin and look professional out there.

Batting Gloves for a Better Grip

Help them get a better handle on the bat with a pair of batting gloves. Batting gloves improve grip and protect hands when connecting with the ball. Look for a flexible, breathable fit.

Equipment Bags and Backpacks

An equipment bag or backpack makes it easy to transport all their baseball gear. Look for one with plenty of compartments, ventilated shoe sections and durable fabric. Add their name or initials for a personalized touch.

Training Tools

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Give the gift of performance with training tools to help develop their skills:

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Personalized Wooden Bats

A custom engraved wooden bat makes batting practice more fun. Go for their favorite wood type in a size that fits their skill level and strength. Add engraving like their name or jersey number.

Pitching and Batting Cages

An at-home pitching or batting cage takes their training to the next level. Invest in a quality netted cage that will last for seasons of use. Consider an automatic pitching machine for solo batting practice.

Radar Guns to Track Throws

Help measure pitching speed with a handheld radar gun. These affordable tools provide immediate speed feedback and are great for tracking throwing improvement over time.

Weighted Practice Baseballs

Strengthen their throwing arm with weighted balls for pitching practice. Start with lighter weights like 4-6 ounces and focus on control. Heavier balls build arm endurance.

Baseball Pitching Targets

Improve pitching accuracy with a durable pitching target. Many options provide helpful visual feedback on where the ball hits the zone to refine technique over time.

Baseball Hitting Tees

A sturdy hitting tee lets them get in extra batting practice on their own. Work on mechanics, aim and power by adjusting tee height for comfort.

Fielding Training Aids

Upgrade fielding skills with tools like a reaction ball, rapid-fire pitcher or double wheel roller. Challenge their reflexes and build confidence fielding tough hits.

Baseball Apparel and Accessories

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Custom Baseball Uniform

Gift an entire custom baseball uniform including jersey, pants, belt and socks. Add their name and number for full player style. Present it nicely folded in a box for a wow-worthy reveal.

Baseball Cap Collection

Fuel their cap obsession with a selection of fresh baseball hats from favorite teams and brands like Nike, Under Armour and New Era. Include a personalized cap for a nice touch.

Oakley Sunglasses

Keep their eyes protected in style with baseball sunglasses from Oakley. Wrap-around sporty shades help reduce glare on bright days.

Custom Batting Helmet

Take safety up a notch with a batting helmet decaled with their number or name. Batting helmets protect from wild pitches and foul ball collisions.

Baseball Pajamas

Give the gift of cozy with baseball pajamas featuring their favorite team. Find tops, bottoms and slippers for a home run sleep setup.

Baseball Bat Ball Sets

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Having quality gear to practice with is so important for baseball players. Gift a bat and ball set for training no matter the location:

Engraved Baseball Bat

An engraved bat makes a meaningful memento of their baseball career. Include their name, number and years played on a quality wooden baseball bat.

Engraved baseball bat

Monogrammed Ball Set

A set of monogrammed balls is great for pitching and hitting practice. Add their initials or name to a set of a dozen regulation baseballs. Toss in a ball bucket too.

Fungo Bat and Balls

A fungo bat and balls help coaches hit fly balls and grounders during practice. Get an aluminum fungo bat and a dozen regulation fungo balls for fielding drills.

Backyard Practice Set

Set up their own practice space with a portable batting tee, batting net, balls and bat. Add a glove and they’ll be set for skills repetition at home.

Baseball Decor Memorabilia

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Surround them with baseball gifts that show off their passion for the game:

Personalized Baseball Print

A personalized baseball print captures the thrill of the game. Add their name and jersey number to a painting or graphic print of their favorite baseball moment.

Personalized baseball print

Autographed Baseball

A signed baseball is a collectible treasure. Research their favorite player or team and buy a certified authentic autographed baseball for their memorabilia collection. Display it in a nice case.

Baseball Player Posters

Find vintage posters and prints featuring iconic baseball players for inspiration. Browse images of legends like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays. Frame it for their room.

Personalized Baseball Bat Display

Create a home run wall display with a meaningful bat and plaque. Mount a bat from their Little League or high school years and customize the plaque with their name and stats.

Baseball Hall of Fame Tickets

Treat them to a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. This baseball mecca features legendary exhibits and memorabilia.

Baseball Book Collection

Build their baseball book library with titles covering teams, players, history and techniques. Include books like The Baseball, Moneyball and biographies of their favorite athletes.

Baseball Game Experiences

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Nothing beats live baseball – give them memories of a lifetime with these incredible game day experiences:

Tickets to a MLB Game

Gift tickets to a Major League Baseball game so they can cheer on their favorite team in person. For extra excitement, make it tickets to see their #1 team or player.

Tour of a Historic Ballpark

Take a road trip to a famous ballpark for a tour they won’t forget. Stadiums like Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium are shrines to the game.

Baseball Hall of Fame Trip

Visit the holy grail for baseball fans – the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Explore the enshrined legends and unforgettable history.

Meet and Greet with MLB Player

Set up a meet and greet with their baseball idol. Services like Thuzio can arrange virtual calls or in-person meetings with retired and current MLB stars.

MLB Fantasy Camp

Their ultimate baseball dream comes true at a MLB-affiliated fantasy camp. Get insider access like taking batting practice on a pro field and playing with former pros.

Baseball Skills Camp

Enroll them in an immersive baseball skills camp to sharpen their game. Camps are available for specific skills like hitting, pitching and fielding.

Baseball Gadget Gifts

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Fun baseball tech gifts to enhance their fandom:

Electronic Baseball Scoreboard

Add nostalgia to the game room with a vintage style electronic scoreboard. Keep track of the score with ease as you listen to the game.

Baseball Pitching Machine

An automatic pitching machine takes their batting practice to the next level. Dial in pitch speed, style and frequency for game-like conditions.

Virtual Reality Baseball Simulator

Stepping into the box against MLB pitching feels thrillingly real with a VR simulator like MLB Home Run Derby VR. Compatible with VR headsets.

Baseball Stadium Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is cleverly designed to look just like a miniature baseball stadium. Listen to games anywhere and show team pride.

Smart Baseball That Tracks Data

Blast motion-tracking baseballs measure metrics on each hit like exit velocity, launch angle and more. Great for analyzing and improving performance.

Baseball Leather Apple AirTag Keychain

Strap an Apple AirTag to their glove or bag so they never misplace gear again. The baseball leather adds a classic look.

Personalized Baseball Gifts

Things to Get Baseball Players for Christmas

Make it extra special with a custom gift just for them:

Custom Baseball Bat With Stats

A unique bat engraved with their name, number and stats like home runs and batting average becomes a cherished memento. Choose their favorite wood type and finish.

Personalized Baseball Mitt With Name

Pick their perfect position-specific glove and get their name embroidered right on it. Break it in properly so it’s game-ready off the bat.

Custom Baseball Cleats

Many brands like Nike and Under Armour offer custom cleats. Add their name or nickname and pick colors to match their uniform.

Personalized Baseball Bag / Backpack

Carry gear in signature style with a monogrammed bag or backpack. Choose a size that fits all their equipment and get their initials or name embroidered on it.

Custom Baseball Jersey

Make them MVP with a custom jersey featuring their name and number. Present it neatly folded in a box for a real wow moment.

Personalized Baseball Socks

Boost comfort and style with custom baseball socks. Add their name or number down the sides in their team’s colors and logos.

Engraved Baseball Bat Display

A homemade baseball bat display case feels extra special mounted with their engraved game-used bat from Little League or high school.

Custom Replica Trophy

Immortalize a championship with a personalized trophy replicating the original. Replace the generic plate with their name, year and team accomplishment.

Personalized Sign With Baseball Quotes

Find inspiration with a custom sign featuring their name and inspirational baseball quotes. Choose from funny or motivational sayings.

From must-have gear to creative memorabilia, there are so many thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to knock it out of the park for the baseball player in your life. Keep comfort, performance, and personality in mind when picking the perfect present. No matter what you choose, they’re sure to feel special knowing you took the time to find something just for them. Play ball!

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